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"“Where do I begin? I have never been on a dating site before, (My Wildlife this was my first time, but finding a fishing partner for a trip to Canada was so easy. I could not have wished for a better trip! Flying into the lodge and landing on the water was an experience itself, but it only gets better because I was with my new girlfriend. We had a wonderful time, the delicious breakfasts, dinners and then watching the sun set over the lake was so romantic. Sitting on the side of the lake with Kathy, nowhere near civilization, eating the best fish I have ever had will be a memory we will never forget! This was one of the most memorable fishing trips that I have ever experienced. Thanks Again!"
— John & Kathy, Illinois

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Take a Breath of Fresh Mountain Air
July 17, 2017

It's time to get out there and take a breath of that cool mountain air with some rock climbing! Sign up today so you can get some new friends together and plan your trip, and then be sure to tell us all about it in the Guidebook!

Backyard Adventures
July 14, 2017

Not all adventures need to be somewhere exciting and new. Sometimes the best adventure is the one in your very own backyard. Sign up now and meet some new faces for your next backyard adventure, then be sure to tell us all about it in the Guidebook.

Starting the Week Off Slow
July 10, 2017

Sometimes there's just too much going on and you just gotta step back and find a nice place to take it slow. Sign up today and tell us where some of your favorite places to just sit back and enjoy the sites are, in your Guidebook.

Beat the Heat at Totem Resorts!
July 07, 2017

Sign up now and come see the great cool lakeside vistas of Ontario's Totem Resorts. Once you have seen the amazing sights, make sure to tell us all about them in the Guidebook!

From The Guidebook

Wild Bill
May 01, 2016

Boardwalk Gallery & Guidebook Posting

The Boardwalk is where you go for a relaxing stroll through a quiet coastal village, search through the bustling city market for new and exotic eats, or stumble across that perfect little pub that you just can't stop going back to. Use this category for your dining adventures or general sightseeing adventures that don’t quite fit into the other categories available....