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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply click on a question to expand the answer. Still looking for more info? Please use the contact us page.

How do I upload a profile picture?
From edit profile select edit profile pic click the image icon to select an image, click the camera icon to take a photo with your device, or simply drag an image into the picture box. A Dropdown menu at the top of the picture box allows you crop, rotate, and even draw on your image. Once complete click the update profile pic button that appears below to save changes. to edit an already saved photo click on it and crop rotate etc. you may select any of your profile pics to be active at any time. Only the selected pic will be public. edit your profile pic now
How do I edit my profile?
Once you’re logged in click on the Edit profile link and make changes to your profile.
How do I edit my username?
From the edit profile section click on the user name and make changes you want and save it.
How do I reset my password?
On the login in page click the forgot my password link and follow the instructions to reset the password
How do I send someone a new message
Once you’re logged in select the new message button from the navigation section, or choose send message from any user profile. your connections will come up in a list when TO: is clicked
Can I block a member from contacting me?
Yes, there is a block button on each members profile.
How do I report a member?
Click on the Contact Us button and send the information be sure to include the reasons you are reporting a member
How do I change payment method?
This can be done on the Edit Profile page, you can upgrade or down grade your membership here.
How many photos can I upload?
Bronze, Silver and Gold members can upload one profile pic and any number of public or private adventure photos.
How do I cancel my membership?
This can be done on the Edit Profile page, you can cancel your membership here.