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Adventure Giveaways

MyWildlifeAdventure.Com offers one (1) $1,000 “Adventure for Two” drawing each month in addition to a $10,000 “Ultimate Adventure” drawing every three (3) months to all members. Adventure Giveaways are adventure / travel packages that can be redeemed at base value to purchase an adventure of choice through our Platinum Member’s websites or used toward a customized adventure designed by the drawing winner.

Monthly Giveaways are open between the beginning and end of each month and typically close out on the last day of each month. Once closed, one winner is drawn from each giveaway and the drawing winner is announced during the first week of the following month. Giveaways that haven't met there ticket reserve will roll over week-to-week until their reserve is met. Once met, the giveaway will be completed and a random winner will be determined and announced using the automated system.

Members with adventure tickets can apply them to the Giveaway of their choice. Silver and Gold members receive complimentary adventure tickets each month. New Bronze members are eligible to receive one complimentary adventure ticket with completion of member's profile.

Monthly Giveaways

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Ultimate Giveaways

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